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Strawson, Peter F.
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Predicates I 134
M-predicates/Strawson: predicates that can be also correctly applied to purely mathematical bodies: E.g. "weighs 5 kg" "is in the living room" - P-predicates: applicable to persons: E.g. "smile", "suffer pain", "go for a walk", "believe in God".
I 135
Condition: logical criterion for the application, not only observation.
I 137
P-predicates/Strawson: a) the same for internal or external attribution: e.g. skills, character - b) different: E.g. pain, fatigue, depression.
I 138
StrawsonVs(s): but not a process in which we first learn internal- and then external ascription - not vice versa.
I 207ff
Thing/predicate/singular term/introducing/Strawson: the reason for the distinction between A (Noun-) and B-expressions (predicate) is to distinguish between different things: between particular and universal, not between object and term or singular term and predicate.
I 210
StrawsonVsTradition: is already presupposing the distinction - external reason: might be the tense function of the verb - Vs: this could also be expressed with two nouns and arrow notation. Socrates (Wisdom), then arrow either above Socrates or Wisdom, depending on whether Socrates died or became stupid.

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P.F. Strawson
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P.F. Strawson
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Str V
P.F. Strawson
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