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Stechow, A. von
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Presuppositions 80
Presupposition/Strawson: also for the falsity of "all my children are sleeping" the existence is a prerequisite. Syllogisms/StrawsonVsAristoteles: the presupposition does not apply to the predicate term. - Sentence meaning/Strawson: then no longer set of possible worlds but partial function of possible world in truth values - because it should be possible that there si no truth value at all.
Presupposition/Stechow: a sentence presupposes all its logical consequences - sentence meaning: partial function - presupposition: set of situations - therefore propositions.
(Existence-) presupposition: = limiting the scope - dom(p) = = pre-area presupposition of p.
Presupposition/Stechow: states that the evaluation situation must be in the field of argument proposition (i.e. meaning) a presupposition must be a meaning, not a truth value. Original place/Frege: Kepler died in misery: assumes that the name means something. - But the prerequisite is not part of the thought (proposition), which is expressed by the sentence.
A. von Stechow
I Arnim von Stechow Schritte zur Satzsemantik
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