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Barrow, J.D.
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Principles I 177
Principle / Law / Barrow: special relativity makes statements about invariants of nature - its principles are laws about laws.
I 330
Cosmological Principle / Barrow: the average non-uniformity shall be the smaller, the larger the space is that is considered in the universe.
I 485
Principle / quantities / nature / natural constants / Barrow: principles do not reflect the value of the fundamental constants - instead e.g. only the fact that the energy is proportional to the mass - but not the value of the proportionality constant - progress / Barrow: would be the discovery of new constants or the fact that an assumed constant is no constant at all.

John D. Barrow
Warum die Welt mathematisch ist Frankfurt/M. 1996

John D. Barrow
Die Natur der Natur: Die philosophischen Ansätze der modernen Kosmologie Heidelberg 1993

John D. Barrow
Die Entdeckung des Unmöglichen. Forschung an den Grenzen des Wissens Heidelberg 2001

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