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Private language: L. Wittgenstein says it is impossible - you cannot give yourself instructions. You could not even understand the language. See also rule following, Kripke's Wittgenstein, priviledged access, Wittgensteins beetle.
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Private Language Re III 275 (St. Read, Philosophie der Logik, Hamburg 1997, German)
Wittgenstein: a private language would require private, incommunicable rules. Private attempts to obey these rules would not distinguish between correct behavior and breaking the rules. Everything that appeared correct to the private linguist , would be correct. As a result, there can be no aspect of the significance that is not publicly manifestable.
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Me I Albert Menne Folgerichtig Denken Darmstadt 1988
HH II Hoyningen-Huene Formale Logik, Stuttgart 1998
Re III Stephen Read Philosophie der Logik Hamburg 1997
Sal IV Wesley C. Salmon Logik Stuttgart 1983
Sai V R.M.Sainsbury Paradoxien Stuttgart 2001

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