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Lewis, David
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Propositional Knowledge Frank I 16 ~
Propositional knowledge/Lewis: There are attitudes that cannot be analyzed as A about propositions: E.g. 2 Gods could know all the propositions without being able to localize themselves - Proposition/Lewis: Never with index I, he, here, now - de se: includes de dicto, but not vice versa.
IV 143
Propositional knowledge/Lewis: E.g. wonder what time it is: - no propositional knowledge - he knows which world he lives in - he also knows which time-space position he occupies - solution: it is the time states of him, which wonder - a time section locates the whole insomniac enough in space and time and also in logical space - however, the time layer cannot localise itself enough in the population of time sections - it cannot attribute itself the property to lie awake at 3:49 - it is the time segment, not the person as a continuant that fails in self-ascription.

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