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Hempel, C.
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Protocol Sentences I 99 ~
protocol sentence / Hempel : compared to them even singular assertions have the character of hypotheses - I 100 it follows : CarnapVsTractatus : truth / falsity of all statements can no longer be defined by reference to the truth of certain basic statements ( because they are indeed hypotheses) - the ( significance criterion is too narrow ) -> also p.s. are no longer unassailable - I 102 Schlick : not completely without basic sentences , otherwise > relativism - I 104 SchlickVsCarnap / VsNeurath : the thesis that a statement is true if it is proven by p.s. sufficiently leads to absurd results , if the idea is absolutely true p.s. is declined - there are obviously many different systems of p.s. - by Carnap and Neurath each of these different , incompatible systems were true - I 105 Carnap : to bring forth true p.s. we learn through conditioning: meters properly read , etc. - I 106 in the new form of Carnap s theory p.s. are even more radically stripped their base character: they lose their irrefutability - Popper : statements of all Forms may occur as p.s. - I 107 at the end they are superfluous
C.G. Hempel
I Hempel Zur Wahrheitstheorie des logischen Positivismus aus Wahrheitsheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996

II Hempel Probleme und Modifikationen des empiristischen Sinnkriteriums aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

II (b) Hempel Der Begriff der kognitiven Signifikanz: eine erneute Betrachtung (1951) aus Sinnreich (Hg) Philosophie der idealen Sprache, München 1982

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