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Dennett, Daniel
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Qualia Rorty VI 144
Qualia / Dennett: we believe in qualia and the phenomenological because we have made it our own, a certain amount of metaphors.

Rorty VI 145
Quality / Qualia / properties / DennettVsNagel / Rorty: there are no grades, there are only judgments.
Rorty VI 146
Qualia / Dennett: (Smart and Place ditto): How would it look if it were actually nothing more than a combination of electrochemical processes in your brain? - ((s) that would be exactly the same). ((s)> trick question).

Den I
D. Dennett
Darwins gefährliches Erbe Hamburg 1997

Den II
D. Dennett
Spielarten des Geistes Gütersloh 1999

Ro I
R. Rorty
Der Spiegel der Natur Frankfurt 1997

R. Rorty
Philosophie & die Zukunft Frankfurt 2000

R. Rorty
Kontingenz, Ironie und Solidarität Frankfurt 1992

R. Rorty
Eine Kultur ohne Zentrum Stuttgart 1993

Ro V
R. Rorty
Solidarität oder Objektivität? Stuttgart 1998

R. Rorty
Wahrheit und Fortschritt Frankfurt 2000

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