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Field, Hartry
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Qualities Horwich I 409
Primary qualities/Locke: E.g. length, size, shape - secondary: e.g. color. - secondary quality/Locke: do not resemble our ideas directly - Putnam thesis: Kant has that what Locke said about secondary extended to primary - Field: many say that today because the imaging theory is dead. - FieldVsPicture theory. - Locke color is a force to affect us. - Putnam: this also applies to size, charge, mass,...etc. - Putnam: even extends this to properties of sensations - but this force is not a noumenon, but the world itself (= Vs correspondence theory - (s): forces instead of objects). Problem: if electrons do not exist as noumena, they do not exist at all.
I 410
Qualities/Locke: secondary are founded in primary: the objects have the power to affect us by the length, size, mass, etc. of the corpuscles - otherwise bare facts. - "Things for us"/Putnam/Field: according to the limits of scientific research.
I 412
I.e. shape, etc. are only dispo, we will never represent the last properties, so and so to appear - we will never represent the last properties - FieldVsPutnam: that can never be proven.

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