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Cartwright, Nancy
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Quantum Mechanics I 135
Schrodinger Equation/Quantum Mechanics/QM/Cartwright: says how systems that are subject to different forces, evolve in time - the forces are not mentioned in the equation, only energies. Hamilton/Classical Mechanics: no mention of force, only energy.
I 135
QM/ Cartwright: states: are represented by vectors - observable quantities: by operators - average value of a given quantity in a given state: product of the operator and the vector (among others).
I 174
Schrödinger Equation/VsSchrödiger Equation: Problem: according to it the electron in the accelerator has neither a particular direction nor a particular energy. - Schrodinger equation is refuted daily by reducing the wave packet - not by measurement, but by preparation.
I 175
Problem: Y itself cannot be a probability - namely, because probabilities must be positive and real, but Y is a complex function.
I 182
Quantum Mechanics: E.f. knowing the position of a particle says nothing about its future behavior - the detector responds only to a change in energy.
I 193
Quantum Mechanics/old QM/(s): Thesis: assumes a real change of conditions in time which are also detectable, namely, whenever you want. - New Quantum Mechanics/Cartwright: (CartwrightVs): Thesis: the story told by the new Quantum Mechanics is read from the formalisms developed by mathematical theory. According to this story nothing happens at all.

Car I
N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

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