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Esfeld, Michael
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Quantum Mechanics I 253
Quantum Mechanics: violates the separability (independent existence) - local effect: Principle, which excludes interaction between 1st and 2nd measurement.
I 256
Reality/EPR/Einstein-Podolski-Rosen: Prediction of a size without intervention - Incompleteness of the quantum mechanics: something must correspond to the size, regardless of whether the second measurement is carried out.
I 2561
Hidden parameters/quantum mechanics: over-light speed, backward causality, common cause (deterministic or stochastic).
I 260
Bell's theorem: there are no hidden parameters - Bell's inequation: upper limit for correlations, is violated - this shows that no common cause is possible.
I 281f
Quantum holism/Quantum Mechanics/Esfeld: Reason for it should not be purely epistemic: otherwise hidden parameters would be excluded only because of a lack of recognizability (too weak) - (epistemic/ontological) - non-locality: no holism - whole matter holistic system, because a quantum system has the properties that make it into a quantum system only with all the other quantum systems together.
I 283
Hidden parameters/Bohm: compatible with holism - Bohm thesis a quantum system has a definite value of the location at all times, all other observables are context dependent. - Measurement updates the properties - Properties: dispositional - a potential (quantum field) determines the path of the quantum system causally - violation of the parameter - independence and the local effect - but non-local interaction is not holism.
I 286
Ontology/Quantum Mechanics/Esfeld: minimal ontological interpretation: recognize definite numerical properties as properties of the system.
I 293
Quantum-Holism/Esfeld: - most quantum holisms: absence of supervenience: both systems are together in a state with properties - singulett state/plate: a relation, not supervenience on non-relational properties (but not substrate: you do not need any individuals) also no realism with regard to universals

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M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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