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Prior, Arthur
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Quantification I 37
non-nominal quantification / Prior: e.g. "whoever" from "who", "where ever" from "there", "somehow" - correspond to adverbs - e.g. "it s something I m not" - an adjective and not a noun - Tractatus : (Also PI ยง 134) "this is the way things are" -> "sentence variable"
I 38
higher quantification / sentence variable / Wittgenstein / Prior: "things are such" does not tell even how things are but "things are somehow" is doing it! - to the extent of the logically true "for some p, p - so you can translate "x is coming": "for some x,x is coming" - higher qu: over non-nouns,"non-nominal Qu."

Pri I
A. Prior
Objects of thought Oxford 1971

Pri II
Arthur N. Prior
Papers on Time and Tense 2nd Edition Oxford 2003

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