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Stalnaker, Robert
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Cross World Identity I 12
Cross world identity/Stalnaker: need not be transitive. - E.g. Ship of Theseus, E.g. Statue and clay: here it is controversial whether statements about the cross world identitiy are true. - 1) conceptual framework - 2) as actualists we are not talking literally about sets of individuals in other possible world - instead: sets of representatives - we need to separate the individual from its way of being.
I 123
Cross world identity/Haecceitismus/StalnakerVsSalmon, Nathan: We do not need absolute identity to define our real world-relative identity - for actualism all statements are made from the perspective of a possible world - then there is no perspective beyond all possible worlds.
I 124
Def identity/Possible world-relative/Stalnaker: identity is always the binary relation whose extension in every possible world w is the set of pairs so that d is in the range of w.
I 125
((s) cross orld identity/(s): each is formulated in a possible worlds).

Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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