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Pauen, Michael
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Ramsey Sentence V 131
Ramsey sentence / Pauen: assume a theory defining a series of theoretical terms of mental states m1 ... mn as "pain", "joy", "sadness" ... by reference to stimuli i1, ... ip and reactions o1 ... oq. - The theory would thus have the form: T (M1. .. mn, i1 ... ip, o1 ... oq) - as Ramsey sentence we get, by combining all the propositions of the theory by conjunctions, makung up a single sentence - E.g. Ramsey sentence for the pain is: e x1 ... xn [T (x1. .. xn, i1 ... ip, o1 ... oq) & y has x2] - i.e. "a system y if and only if in the state x2 there are states in this system, which occupy the causal roles described in the theory T and y is in the second of these states" - avoids mentalistic terms.

Pau I
M. Pauen
Grundprobleme der Philosophie des Geistes Frankfurt 2001

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