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Hume, D.
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Rationality Black III 21
Rationality / Hume / HumeVsRationality / Black: ("agnostic rationalist"): listens to the reasons - but doubts the foundation for beliefs and actions.
Hume I 20
Rationalism / Representation / Deleuze: rationalism makes the representation of a criterion be based on the idea in the mind - ((s)> Brandom) - HumeVs: that will not work, because the generality of the imagination may not be an idea in itself.
D. Hume
I Gilles Delueze David Hume, Frankfurt 1997 (Frankreich 1953,1988)
II Norbert Hoerster Hume: Existenz und Eigenschaften Gottes aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der großen Philosophen der Neuzeit I Göttingen, 1997
Bla I
Max Black
Bedeutung und Intention
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, G. Meggle (Hg), Frankfurt/M 1979

Bla II
M. Black
Sprache München 1973

M. Black
The Prevalence of Humbug Ithaca/London 1983

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