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Luhmann, Niklas
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Rationality I 129f
Definition rationality/Luhmann/Reese-Schäfer: the bid to respect the functional differentiations. Completely different to Habermas. - LuhmannVsHabermas: overall societal rationality can finally not exist in the generalization of what all the individual functional areas see as their rationality. - For this purpose, there can be no privileged place, no responsible organization, so no 'constitution'.
AU Kass 8
Rationality/Luhmann: question: how can rationality be understood under the realistic conditions of universal deceit at all? - Tradition: Thesis: action and circumstances are both natural - also the criteria for correctness.
AU Kass 8
Rationality/Habermas: distinction strategic/communicative rationality. - LuhmannVsHabermas: the rationality should be the same rationality on both sides. - Why are we talking about rationality then? - But what is the common component? - Neither Habermas nor Weber say that- Luhmann. Today: rationality of action: preferences - antonym: side-effects.

N. Luhmann
Einführung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

Lu I
N. Luhmann
Die Kunst der Gesellschaft Frankfurt 1997

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