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Nagel, Thomas
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Rationality I 13
Rationality/Nagel: key feature is its universality. - Def rational thinking: being systematic to the extent that the one who looks over my shoulder recognizes it as correct. - I 21 we have to assume responsibility and say at the same time that the new standards are not only our individual ones.
I 21
Rationality: both the existence and the non-existence of the ratio cause problems! In order to be rational we must assume responsibility for our own thoughts and deny at the same time that they are merely manifestations of our own position.
I 82
If we think rationally, it is usually not deductive, but empirical, moral and, in the broader sense, practical considerations
I 84
Rationality/Nagel: Ratio is not an abstraction of contingent psychic phenomena -
I 119
Confidence in reason may be accompanied by quite strong doubts concerning the results.

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