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Russell, Bertrand
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Bertrand Russell
Space Course book 8 IV 12
Weierstra├č/Russell: banished the infinitesimal variable from mathematics - VsZenon: error: to think that the world must always be the same because there is no state of change - without infinitesimal variables: time: no more "next moment" - no immediate result of two moments in between ever more M - Space: dito: always further divisible
B. Russell, ABC of Relativity Theory 46
Def "space-like"/Russell: Two events are space-like if it is impossible for a body to move fast enoug to be present at both events -" but he can be "halfway" and perceive both as happening at the same time - Def "time-like"/Russell: Two events are time-like if it is possible for a physical body to be present at both events -" borderline case: E.g. two events as part of a light beam or - E.g. an event = perception of the other event: then distance 0 - Def distance/Russell: is a physical fact which is part of the events and does not depend on the circumstances of observer - neglecting gravitation, one can apply the SR. Then the distance between two events can be calculated if one knows the spatial and temporal distance, measured by an arbitrary observer.

B. Russell/A.N. Whitehead
Principia Mathematica Frankfurt 1986

B. Russell
Das ABC der Relativit├Ątstheorie Frankfurt 1989

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Die Philosophie des logischen Atomismus
Eigennamen, U. Wolf (Hg), Frankfurt 1993

B. Russell
Wahrheit und Falschheit
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