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Wessel, Horst
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Space I 376
Time/space/logic/Wessel: no problem as relation predicates: "before", "next", etc. Problem: if seen as subjects, where one in turn ascribes predicates - e.g. "space is curved" - "narrows", "time slows down", etc.
I 376
Space/Introduction: here whole statements are introduced, not individual Termini. E.g. "X iff Y" whereby X contains the space Terminus - "space" not independent - Space termini are not capable of logical explication or they are superfluous. "Absolute space"/Wessel: would depended on the elimination of all objects of a space structure - not permitted.
I 378
Space warp/curved space/Wessel: meaningless if space container of all things - only useful as a curved row of objects, against uncurved row.
I 378/79
Space/existence/Wessel: the space exists iff any given space exists - this requires the simultaneity of objects - analog for the time.

We I
H. Wessel
Logik Berlin 1999

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