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Austin, J.L.
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Reality Hacking I 62
"Really"/realism/Austin: 1st Ordinary language: "not really cream": to dismiss contemptuously - 2nd There is no clear methodological rule and consistent meaning of "realism".
"Really" does not add anything to a declaration - E.g. force lines are unlike electrons: there is nothing that consists of lines of force - FaradayVsSmart: the explanatory force stems from negation.
I 64
SmartVs: "Really" does not change the meaning, (of cream or of electrons) power lines are malleable - hence they exist. Even if the iron filings will be taken away (there were doubts about this before Faraday) - namely, the lines can be cut.
John L. Austin
I Austin Wahrheit in: Wahrheitstheorien Hrsg. Skirbekk, Frankfurt/M 1996
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III Austin: "Ein Plädoyer für Entschuldigungen" aus: Linguistik und Philosophie (Grewendorf/Meggle(Hg)) Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995
Hack I
I. Hacking
Einführung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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