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Fraassen, Bas
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Reality Hacking I 56
Reality / Theory / Bas van Fraassen: (realist) theory: theories must be interpreted literally. No other possible interpretation - either true or false - it depends on the world - but there is no justification or need to rely on theories about unobservables. - I 76 existence / ontology: theory: there are simply no electrons nor any theoretical entities. Thes is only what can be observed - in principle electrons are unobservable - (but measurable).
constructive empiricist/theoretical terms: should not be mentioned, only be dedeucted. - (> mention / use) - I 92 adequacy rather than truth of a theory. - VsBest Explanation: - theories are acceptable, even if not literally true.

Fr I
B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

Hack I
I. Hacking
Einf├╝hrung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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