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Maturana, H.
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Reality I 11/12
Reality/Maturana: there is no independently given reality from the experience.
I 133
Reality/object/Maturana: every object is an object with properties that determine the distinctions in a space which is formed by these properties - reality: an area which is determined by the operation of the observer.
I 134
Reality/Maturana: 1. How is it possible that humans speak as closed autopoietic systems about objects? - Because we produce them the in first place - 2. if language is behavior in a consensual area, how is it possible that individually experienced events can be predicted - in any case predictions are realized as actual experience, that means as actual states of the organism.
I 202
Reality/objects/items/Maturana: outside language there are no objects - Objectivity arises in language as a dealing with objects - Object: operational relation in the process of language action - langauge action: operations in the field of structural coupling - the body changes.
I 224
E.g. Big Bang: it also is an explanation of the life practise of the observer - it is always linked to the ontology of the oberver - in this alone its reality consists.

Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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