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Sellars, Wilfrid
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Reality I 5
Given/givenness/reality: key point: that the empirical knowledge has its basis in a non-inferential knowledge of facts. (Non-inferentially: = immediately). Even when non-inferential knowledge is about facts, not about objects. It seems, therefore, that sensation cannot determine knowledge.
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Rorty I 112
SellarsVs "myth of the given": we imagine incorrigibility simply as a function of social practice.
Sellars: "It may turn out that there are no colored objects at all."
RortyVs: this holistic statements sound senseless and paradox because the questioned accuracy requires a theory of privileged representations. Pro: Justification is not a function of special relations between ideas (or words) and objects, but a function of social practice. The justification of a conversation is, so to speak, holistic by nature.
McDowell I 164
Given/Sellars: nothing is given what does not lie within the evolving system of beliefs.
Myth: the supposedly rational reference of experiences on beliefs.

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