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Justification: statement about the occurrence of an action or a choice. See also explanations, ultimate justification, reasons.
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Esfeld, Michael
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Justification I 146 ~
Justification/McDowell/Esfeld: thesis space of reasons (justifications) further than that of the conceptual -
I 161 ~
I/you-relations/Brandom/Esfeld: show in contrast to relativistic I-We-relationships that the community as a whole can be wrong - I-We: myth of the given - I-Thou: replaces representationalism by inferentialism - no enforcement of consensus, community has no privileged status
I 191 ~
Justification/belief/Esfeld: justification only by other beliefs because these have statement form - but circumstances are not sufficient, but inferential practices are - ultimately coherence theory - social holism: beliefs are isolated from the world, only them, nothing in the world is conceptually (VsMcDowell) but beliefs are bound to the world by not being epistemic self-sufficient - (epistemically self-contained: Content v.belief state n. ontological dependent on physical texture)

Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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