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Maturana, H.
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Reduction I 69
Properties/reductionism/Maturana: from epistemological reasons we can say: there are characteristics which are diverse and remain constant through interactions - as objects are generated by their defining interactions (characteristics), objects create with different characteristic classes independent interaction areas: each reductionism is excluded - reduction/(s): impossible if miscellaneous remains miscellaneous .
I 98
Reductionism/reduction/Maturana: there is no mechanistic reduction - the impression arises from the fact that the description of the various phenomena occurs in apparently the same area, but the relation created by the observer gets lost - vitalistic explanation: necessary reductionist: it does not distinguish between the phenomenon area generated by the unit and the one generated by parts.

Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realit├Ąt Frankfurt 2000

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