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Austin, J.L.
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Redundancy Theory I 234
AustinVsRedundancy Theory: the statement that A refers to the world outside - i.e. something outside this statement itself - the statement that the statement is true refers to the world including the statement that A refers to the world. - That only makes sense if the statement has already been made and verified. - The relationship between the st.that A refers to the world and the world whose existence claimed by the statement that A refers to the world is true, is purely conventional. - A statement that says of itself that it is true is just as absurd as the one that says that it was wrong.
John L. Austin
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III Austin: "Ein Plädoyer für Entschuldigungen" aus: Linguistik und Philosophie (Grewendorf/Meggle(Hg)) Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995

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