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Reference, in philosophy: relation of a linguistic expression or action to a real object. Reference presupposes the existence of this object. An expression, which corresponds to no object, has no reference, however, may have a meaning. See also unicorn, Pegasus.
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Grover, D. L.
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Reference Horwich I 347 f
Reference/Prosentential theory /Camp, Grover, Belnap/CGB: a pronoun should not need to refer to a proposition - otherwise relation theory (Proposition as object of belief, CGBVs) - E.g. "..." - "that s what you believe!": Solution: prosentential anaphora: "this is wrong".- ((s) Here "this" is no pronoun.).
Grover, D. L.

Gro I D. Grover A Prosentential Theory of Thruth Princeton New Jersey 1992

D.L.Grover, J.L.Kamp, N.D. Belnap
Philosophical Studies 27 (1) 73 – 125 (1975)

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Hor I
P. Horwich (Ed.)
Theories of Truth Aldershot 1994

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