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Nozick, Robert
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Regress 275F II
Regress / evidence/ relation / Nozick: the regress that we need a proof that something is an evidence is stopped when a document has a dual power - a) as evidence of something - b) for the fact that it is an evidence for something. - In other words, that it is evidence for two contingent statements - a particular one and a more general document about the relationship - logical form:e.g. eRh and also e R (eRh) and it is also the case that e R [e R (eRh)] then we have no regress - if it is the same evidence e the regress is stopped before: if eR (eRh).

No I
R. Nozick
Philosophical Explanations Oxford 1981

R., Nozick
The Nature of Rationality 1994

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