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Esfeld, Michael
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Relations I 177 ~
Relation/Esfeld: does not need a non-relational explanation reason (unlike dispositions that need a non-dispositional explanation reason)).
I 298 ~
External relations/Lewis: e.g. Suppose "equal charge"/"unequal charge" (external) instead of positive/negative (intrinsic): equal charge/unequal charge do not supervenience on positive/negative. - equal charge/unequal charge no distinguishing properties. - For example, if there are three spheres that can have two different colors, at least two must be the same: so there are external relations that are spatiotemporal - (> entanglement, Quantum Mechanics) - external relation: Condition: a) must not supervenience on non-relational properties (E.g. mass), b) must supervenience on the nature of the composite.
I 299 ~
Relations: independent of state: two things always in a space-time relation - entanglement: state-dependent, whether two things are intertwined: therefore questionable whether external relation, no question of the nature of the terms.

Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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