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Relationism: the thesis, that space exists only in the relations between bodies - i.e. there is no empty space - see also relationalism.
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Field, Hartry
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Relationism I 171
Definition Relationism: Thesis: no empty space exists. - Definition substantivalism/Field: Thesis: empty space exists. - Part-relation: exists in both.
I 181
Relationism/Field: makes field theory impossible - because it excludes empty space.
I 182
Putnam: Relationism can take the field as an enormous (because of the infinity of the physical forces) object. - Then for each region one part of it. - FieldVs: this trivializes the relativism.
I 183
Field theory/FT/Substantivalism/Field: for the substantivalismus the field is not a gigantic object, but no entity at all. - FT: is for him only the attribution of causal predicates to regions.
I 216
Problem of Quantities/FieldVsRelationism: the only way to show that there is a (narrow) spatial relation, is to assume that the double distance itself is a spatial relation. But relativism cannot do this because it wants to define it first, and cannot presuppose it as defined.

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