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McGinn, Colin
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Representation I 219
Representation/knowledge pluralism/McGinn: Thesis: representation properties do not only belong to conscious beliefs but semantic predicates can be applied to configurations of another kind in the literal sense. (> Dretske). It boils down to underrepresented content that is not exclusive to reason. This allows us to focus on a comparative epistemology. We have a genus that consists of systems with syntactic and respect relevant properties, and also has a number of species, in which framework the comprehensive, naturally species break down into a special system which differ with respect to other dimensions.
I 230
E.g. different animal species may have cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
Genes/representation/McGinn: their construction ability is a testament for their representation capacity. (s) Representing capacity in order to be able to implement provisions.
E.g. Represents the bird, the construction worker, the beaver what he builds, as a nest, dam, or house? McGinn: I would say yes, but the same task could be fulfilled by only representing parts of these things and their relationships.

C. McGinn
Die Grenzen vern├╝nftigen Fragens Stuttgart 1996

C. McGinn
Wie kommt der Geist in die Materie? M├╝nchen 2001

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