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Schiffer, Stephen
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Clauses I 123
Subordinate clause/Subset/Singular term/Frege/Schiffer: -that the earth moves- = singular term: because of the lack of substitutability in intensional contexts. - DavidsonVs/Schiffer: -the earth moves- no part of a singular term. - Neither clause nor proposition. - The only reference of -earth- is earth. - I.e. there is substitutability.
N.B.: Davidson: three-digit relation. speaker, current statement (Italian), content clause of the reporting person. - But the surface grammar is two-digit and has truth value.
I 125
"That" in "that the earth moves"- is a singular term, that refers to a statement. - problem: quantification into that-clauses. - Must be elaborated for: E.g. Galileo says of a person that she makes a great lasagne. - Wrong solution: That-clause as orthographic part of "say-that". - Then there is no term that carries the reference to the statement.

Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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