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McGinn, Colin
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Terminology I 22
Definition B-term/McGinn: one for which the question is how its former use was possible.
Definition DIME/terminology/McGinn: domesticated irreducible mystic elimination -
D: the idea that one must domesticate the term B. - The term presents his subject misleading and exaggerates the ontological peculiarity.
I: theory: the term would be irreducible.
I 35
M: stands for Magic - accepts the facts of the concept at face value.
I 36
E: Elimination: the B-concepts would not be applicable to the world.
I 37
Thesis: the Transcendental Naturalism presents (TN) a neglected alternative to domesticated irreducible mystic elimination.
I 65
VsDomesticated irreducible mystic elimination: is imprinted on the problem without solving it.
I 39
Definiton CAIM/McGinn: combinatorial atomism with lawlike mappings. - According to that a crowd of basic elements obeys given linking principles - E.g. physics, mathematics and linguistics have CAlM (combinatorial atomism with lawlike mappings) character. - New things are explained with linking rules. - McGinn: an indispensable, but unsuitable realization process.
I 45
Problem: the contents of the modules (subjects) cannot be applied.
I 68
Consciousness is not to be explored by CAlM.
I 110
FIN-features (fruitfulness, invulnerability, normativity)/terminology/McGinn: fertility, invulnarability, normativity. Connection with semantics, but not with behavior, brain state, etc.

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