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Belief, philosophy: attitude of considering a sentence to be true. Unlike religious faith belief is linked to the assessment of probabilities. See also belief, religious belief, propositional attitudes, intensions, probability, belief degrees.
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Brandom, Robert
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Beliefs I 788
You can weakly believe of Pegasus that he had wings.
But if you strongly believe in something, you have to be able to pick it out.
I 759f
Belief de re/Quine/Brandom: aroused interest in de re by distinguishing between the conceptual and relational meanings of belief - you do not have relational beliefs about an object by simply knowing the singular word - definition of weak de re: someone who only believes that the smallest spy is a spy does not know much about spies - not yet de re of any objects - epistemically strong: Example of Rosa Kleb who believes that she is the smallest spy (de re).
I 790
Definition strong/weak/belief/Brandom: you can weakly believe of Pegasus that he had wings - but if you strongly believe in something, you have to be able to pick it out.
II 226
Belief/Brandom: 1. you only believe what you believe to believe - 2. and also everything that one is more or less tied to by hione's s believes - e.g. if I believe that Kant revered Hamann and I believe that Hamann was the Magus of the North, I also believe that Kant worshiped the Magus of the North.
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I 764
Belief / de dicto / Davidson(/Brandom: only allows de dicto beliefs.
I 962
Conviction / Def weak relation / Dennett / Brandom: what is expressed by de re attributions - I 765 but strong de re convictions would have little meaning, if useful at all - Conviction / Dretske: (widely spread thesis): de re convictions are understandable regardless of de dicto convictions - I 765 Conviction / Brandom: demonstrative, indexical de re convctions are conceptual, but not independent - they cannot stand alone - decisive are the weak ones - and not a special kind of contact with the object.
I 965
Belief / Brandom: Each conviction, be it strong or weak, can be attributed de re or de dicto.
II 48
Belief / BrandomVsDavidson: Definition via wish.

Bra I
R. Brandom
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R. Brandom
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