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Universal generalization, logic: under the condition that an arbitrarily chosen object x has a certain property F, one can conclude that every object has the property F. See also existential generalization, universal instantiation.
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Nozick, Robert
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Universal Generalization II 236
Belief / knowledge / disjunction / conjunction / probability / Nozick: conjunction: we can believe it with only connection to one. - Disjunction: here we need both. - Adjunction: from the premises p, q, we can conclude the conjunction p & q as the conclusion. - prblty: here adjunction may fail because the conjunction of two premises is of a lower prblty than each individual. - Universal Generalization / EG: we can believe it without connecting to a specific instance!

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R. Nozick
Philosophical Explanations Oxford 1981

R., Nozick
The Nature of Rationality 1994

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