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Goodman, Nelson
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Verification II 44
Verification/Goodman: E.g. 26 marbles are black, 1 unknown color, 25 tested: "continuability" of predicates (> projectability). Problem: from the same data can follow both black, as well as a different color.
II 91
Although some statements that confirm a general hypothesis are conclusions from it, but not all conclusions of it verify it.
II 92/3
"And"/Conjunction: verification of an ingredient gives the whole statement no credibility which would pass onto other sub-statements.
II 93
Confirmation/Hempel: A hypothesis is really only confirmed by such statements, that are application cases of it in the special sense that from them follows not the hypothesis itself, but its relativization or restriction on the class of objects that is mentioned in that statement.
IV 120
Verification/Goodman: Even with the present, real objects only a fairly small part of our knowledge is often based on direct verification.

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