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Field, Hartry
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Reliability Theory II 96
Reliability Theory/Reliability/FieldVsReliability theory: Problem: most people are not reliable about politics. - False: to say that they are under "abnormal conditions". - Correct: they are not under optimal conditions. - Problem: Optimum: is difficult to determine non-intentionally. - Problem: E.g. a sect member is not reliable in relation to reality but reliable in relation to the opinions of the guru.
II 99
Solution: FieldVsStalnaker: needs something that he does not want: more delicate belief states than those with Boolean structure.
II 369
Reliability/Field: cannot be everything we strive for. For example, there are completely reliable inductive rules: e.g. to believe in nothing at all, no matter what evidence there is. - E.g. to only believe in logical truths - but the theory of reliability wants more. It wants to pick out a special class which constitutes the rationality of a believe. - Reliability/Field: is divided into many different terms: a) over short - over long time - b) high probability exact truth - high probability approximate truth - c) providing reliability in the actual world. - Reliability via a lot of similar possible worlds.
II 380
Reliability/Field: For example, an initial observation turns out to be wrong. - Three possibilities:
i): The rule is not reliable at the beginning, but it becomes more reliable.
ii) there is no rule at the beginning, the later ones are better. (FieldVs, GoldmanVs.) - Vs: this makes reliability unreachable and declares us to be unreasonable forever.
iii) The rule was always reliable, only the observation period was too short.
II 384
Field: we also need goals and effectiveness: then a rule can be more reliable but less powerful.

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