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Mention/Use: Words are mostly used to mention an object. Words can also be mentioned when the use of language is under discussion. Various logical problems arise from an unconscious use of words while it is unclear whether they are used or mentioned. The confusion of mention and use corresponds to a confusion of words and objects. There are also forms between mention and use. See also object Language, metalanguage, quote/disquotation, reference, type/token.
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Goodman, Nelson
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Mistake Mention/Use II 78
Mention / use /possible worlds/possibility/ Goodman: statements about what is possible need not exceed the boundaries of the real world. Often we confuse a description of the real world with the world itself.
II 110
Grue / projection: here the description of the desired result is confused with the description of the permitted means.
The confirmation is indeed a relationship between data and hypotheses, but that does not mean that the definition of this relationship is likely to use nothing but these data and hypotheses.

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