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Field, Hartry
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Vocabulary II 237
Deflationism/VsDeflationism: is it possible that most of our present scientific concepts have less power in a deflationist perspective? - Field: perhaps this is so: deflationism shows that there is no best translation of Newtonian terms into modern language. - New Vocabulary/Field: can often be captured with old vocabulary plus higher-order quantification. This is e.g. a Ramsey sentence.
II 267
Applying/Explaining/Observing/Field: our observation practice explains how our physical vocabulary applies to all that and only that to which it applies to. - This explains why some non-standard models are unintended.
II 355
Undefined/Language/McGee/Field: having non-standard models. - Solution: extension by predicate: e.g. "standard natural number". - FieldVs: that is cheating. - New axioms with new vocabulary are not better than new axioms in the old vocabulary. - it would be cheating to assume that the new predicates have certain extensions. - (Still FieldVsIndeterminism).
Pure Mathematics/Application/Field: E.g. Number theory: is not applicable to the world. - For example, set theory: must allow primordial elements for the application. - Solution: "impure mathematics": Functions that map physical objects to numbers - Then the comprehension axioms must also contain non-mathematical vocabulary. E.g. instances of the separation axiom.

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H. Field
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H. Field
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H. Field
Science without numbers Princeton New Jersey 1980

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