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Truth, philosophy: a property of sentences, not a property of utterances because utterances are events. See also truth conditions, truth definition, truth functions, truth predicate, truth table, truth theory, truth value, correspondence theory, coherence theory.
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Strawson, Peter F.
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Truth Rorty VI 52
StrawsonVs "Make true": taunted "sentence-like things" ((s) Comparison of world with sentences is not possible in a non-linguistic way).
Ayer I 296
Truth/StrawsonVsAustin: "sure, we use the word 'true' if the semantic conditions described by Austin are satisfied - but by using this word, we do not say that they are fulfilled" (> Austin I 230).
Strawson II 261
Truth/StrawsonVsAustin: mistake: instead of asking, "how do we use the word "true" (use, convention) - he asks: "When ... "(conditions) - facts cannot be changed by changing the language conventions.
II 266
Truth is not property of a speech event.

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