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Rorty, Richard
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Richard Rorty
Perception I 257
Perception/RortyVsFodor: supposing, we needed an abstract recipe for the recognition of similarities among potentially infinite differences. Why does the recipe has to be abstract? Probably because we have to be able to find out similarities. But then we do not need the idea of a "non-abstract" recipe, because each recipe must be able to provide this.
E.g. Rorty: the possible qualitative variations of the contents of a package of chocolate chip cookies are also potentially infinite.
I 257
Rorty: So when we speak of "complex expectation systems" or programs or control systems, we are always talking about something abstract.
Dilemma: either the explanation of acquisition of control systems requires postulating additional control systems, or they are not learned.
Either 1. infinite regress, because what applies to the recognition would also apply to learning.
Or 2. We end up back at Ryle: the people have a non-learned ability.

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