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Lewis, David
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Probability V 83
Probability/subjectivism/subjective probability/Lewis: pro subjectivism: beliefs about probabality are relevant. - Only subjectivism can understand them.
V 85
It is possible that we also believe from a coin which showed 85% head in the past that the chance next time is 50%.
Resilience/Skyrms: Elasticity: uncertainty cannot be shaken by new information. - Beliefs about results and prospects may differ.
V 89
Solution: The chance of t that A is true is a non-rigid designator.
V 86
Believe/reasonable/probability/opportunities/Lewis: Degrees of believe about results that are based on certainty of chances are elastic (resilient, relatively immune to new information) if the new information is permissible (i.e. after the event).
V 86
Principal Principle/main principle/probability/opportunity/Lewis: the Principal Principle is to be modeled according to our experience with direct conclusions.
Exceptions: 1) it is about opportunity, not frequency.
2) Certainty of probabilities (opportunities) contributes to the resilience (resistance to new information).
V 147
Probability/Lewis: is shifted. - Never created or destroyed. - So the sum is always 1.

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