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Kripke, Saul Aaron
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Number Theory EMD II 383f
Substitutional Quantification/sQ/Number Theory/KripkeVsWallace: the object language should be written substitutionally: the substitution class then consists of the number names: 0,0",0""... - the meta language needs a referential variable about the expressions of the object language - could we replace it with Gödel numbers? No! - Because the question was whether an ontology of numbers was used in the meta language, in addition to the ontology of expressions. - We cannot even ask this question if we identify expressions with numbers, - The two have asked the wrong question twice: 1) By having treated the object language variables as referential about numbers rather than as a substitutional with number names as substitutes. - 2) By interpreting the referential variables of the meta language as Gödel numbers instead of as symbol chains of the object language. - Usually, identification of expressions with their Gödel numbers is harmless - but here we must distinguish numbers and expressions.

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