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Dummett, Michael
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Time III 156f
Time/Dummett: asymmetry only by intention - we can not retroactively ascribe intentions - if only there were plants in a world, time reversal would be no problem - the apple jumps back to the tree - Problem: we can not explain why at the time.
apropos III 158
((s)/Dummett: reverse causality in a reverse flow were initially no problem, but can not explain origins - it makes everything look like random.) -
Ancient Greeks/Dummett: believed that different causal laws apply to the firmament.
Possible worlds/Dummett: this belief could have turned out to be true.

Du I
M. Dummett
Urspr√ľnge der analytischen Philosophie Frankfurt 1992

M. Dummett
Wahrheit Stuttgart 1982

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