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Luhmann, Niklas
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Time AU Cas 9
Time/Luhmann: Problem: Time must also be observed. - ((S)it then exists only in the isolated events of observation/distinction.) - Environment is always simultaneous. - Therefore, we cannot react to it. - Alfred Schütz (1932) no one ages faster. - Everything that happens, happens simultaneously. - Therefore, we can do nothing. - The system can only treat its own recursion, not the environment. - Problem of synchronization: always requires intervention in no longer changeable, past and still insecure, indeterminate future. - This involves control ideas and causal ideas.
AU Cass 9
Time/observation/Luhmann: Observing is the operation of differentiation. - Question: who differentiates - Tradition: distinction results in categories past, present, future. These categories make time look like a stretch.
AU Cas 9
Time/simultaneity/Luhmann: when I say everything that happens, happens simultaneously, I say basically nothing at all about time. - Antonym: asynchrony. - But that does not say anything about it. - It is all about observation than a distinction. - punch line: Future and past occur always at the same time. - ((S) in the distinction.) - Asymmetry: only one side of the distinction may be needed.
AU Cass 9
Time/Luhmann: with the "before"/"after" one can renounce the idea of ​​movement. - Also the attribution of causality. - But the distinction v/n must precede considerations for causality. - Other distinction: future/past. - Past: Husserl's horizon: before the "before" there was a different "before" etc. - future is then a horizon that can be filled by a series of "afterwards".
AU Cass 10
Time/Luhmann: movement is not enough for their definition, because the time is not moving past us. - This saw Aristotle already. Motion/Hegel/Aristotle: what being differentiates from non-being.

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Einführung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

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N. Luhmann
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