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Adams, R.
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Qualia Rorty VI 405
Historism/Rorty: it is no coincidence that the historicity of philosophy today is questioned above all by the authors, who stress that it is necessary to recognize the "existence of the unspeakable".
E.g. Robert Adams: Thesis: only the existence of God can explain the interrelationship between brain and qualia.
Qualia/Robert Adams: Qualia is not analysable, therefore it is not traceable to elementary particles. Reductionism "can be disproved by seeing red or tasting onions."
RortyVsAdams: this refutation is a typical "invocation to the unspeakable". An invocation to a kind of knowledge that cannot be questioned by any re-description. For here it is not a question of knowledge of descriptions, but of knowledge by direct acquaintance. ((s) Non-transferable)
VI 406
RortyVsAdams: a lot has to be established already in the language before a plausible invocation to the taste of onions is possible at all.
Rorty VI 413
Sense qualities/Nagel: sense qualities have invariant conditions. (Also Robert Adams).

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