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Bubner, Rüdiger
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Language K.Glüer Davidson zur Einführung Hamburg 1993

I 122
Bubner: "Language is not an instrumental system of signs whose objective reference is still up for discussion, ... Language has no other function, than to make the world accessible."
Bubner I 200
Subjectivity/Bubner: after replacing the practice of connecting ethics and politics, the practical concretion is substituted by the cultivation of the individual.
       That is, that I am not in agreement with everything what concerns the good, but rather disunited with all.
       This dissolves the "koinonia", in which Aristotle founds house and polis.
Language/Ancient/Modern/Bubner: Thesis: therefore, the language now has a completely different task to fulfill. It is no longer a medium for the clarification of objectives, it takes the place of practice itself, and the nature of politics is methodified for social discussion.
As long as dialogues are inserted into a practical context, they are in a serving relationship to action, the problems of which they process.
If the context disappears, because talking to one another is directly equated with co-operation, then the relationship becomes incomprehensible in which language and politics stand together. (Regardless of whether one adheres to Aristotelian or modern subjective primacy).
Whether the polis or the individual appears to be privileged, consequences of a practical concept must be deduced from the chosen concept of politics.
This is no longer the case when speech and action coincide.
Conflicts occur contingently. Politics cannot be definitively committed to that, but must establish a basic form of collective action in order to solve conflicts according to rules.
I 213
Language/Bubner: Clarity about language is created in the medium of language.
Thinking/Bubner: there is no language-independent thinking form.

Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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