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Buridan, J.
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Knowledge Poundstone
P I 186
Jean Buridan, "Sophismata":
Knowledge/Knowledge Paradoxia/Buridan/Poundstone: E.g. "No one believes this sentence". If it is true, no one believes it, and consequently no one knows it. If it is wrong, at least one person believes it, but no one (neither believer nor unbeliever) knows it because it is wrong. So it is impossible for anyone to know that this sentence is true! + ...
I 187
There could be an omniscient being who knows every one of your beliefs and could tell you at any time whether you believe it.
E.g. "No one knows what stands here"
If it is true, no one knows it, but if it is wrong, contradiction: no one can know anything wrong. So what stands there, cannot be wrong. It is an undeniable truth that no one can know.
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