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Question: a sentence within a communication context that requires one or more further sentences (see also answers). The question in many languages is characterized by a slightly altered word position, as opposed to the corresponding sentence, as well as an attached or pre-set symbol (question symbol). A response is not guaranteed and does not have to be done so that a question retains its form and content. See also statements, commands, sentences, speech act theory.
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Cavell, Stanley
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Questions Cavell II St. Cavell Müssen wir meinen was wir sagen? aus Grewendorf/Meggle Linguistik und Phil. Frankfurt (Athenäum) 1974/1995

II 188
Fragen/Wahrheitswert/Sprache/Cavell: absurd: zu diagnostizieren, dass Bsp "Wie spät ist es?" nichts behaupte und daher weder wahr noch falsch sei, dass wir die Bedeutung der Frage aber gut genug verstünden, um sie beantworten zu können.

Cav I
St. Cavell
Die Unheimlichkeit des Gewöhnlichen Frankfurt 2002

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