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Dawkins, Richard
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Information I 102/103
Information/Code/Feedback/Reaction/Understanding/Dawkins: E.g. Science fiction novel "A for Andromeda", Fred Hoyle: the inhabitants of Andromeda send signals to the earth that prompt the humans to construct a computer to suppress them. When they realize it, they destroy the computer in time.
Question: In what sense could it be said that the inhabitants of Andromeda manipulated events on Earth? They could not even know that the computer was built, because the signals travelled for 200 years. So they built a computer that made the decisions for them.
Analogy: Genes must also build a brain.

Da I
R. Dawkins
Das egoistische Gen, Hamburg 1996

M. St. Dawkins
Die Entdeckung des tierischen Bewusstseins Hamburg 1993

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