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Descartes, R.
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Mind Body Problem Putnam V 108
Def Interactionism/Putnam: theory, according to which spiritual events interact with physical ones. Whereby the direction of origin could be in one direction as well as in the other! Descartes: the mind could influence matter if it was very, very ethereal (pineal gland). Notorious.
V 109
Most naïve version of interactionism: the mind as a kind of ghost that lives in the bodies. Vs: But it is not clear why we should have such complicated brains at all, it could be a very simple control mechanism.
Descartes: (refined) mind and brain form a substantial unity. Somehow it is the mind-brain unity that thinks, feels, and represents a personality. I.e. that the mind is not what we commonly call the mind, but the unity of brain (body) and spirit.
PutnamVsDescartes: obscure: unity of two substances.

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